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Satisfyer Pro3

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The best Satisfyer of all time: with 110 possible combinations.

GET CATCHED! Like an elegant, beautiful and powerful panther on the hunt for the next climax, this mysterious sex toy in satin black glides through you all night long. Their goal: your love button. Once it has spotted its prey, it does not let it escape, because it is hungry! With 11 classic Satisfyer pressure wave intensities and the added vibration feature, you wait patiently until the perfect moment arrives. Then he grabs you passionately, wraps himself around your hottest spot and takes over you, causing you unforgettable orgasms: you won't have any chance to escape the pleasure. And he purrs contentedly like a sweet kitten while you press against him, letting yourself be carried away by ecstasy and forgetting about the world.


The new Satisfyer Pro 3 Vibration will make your wettest dreams come true. Successor of the appreciated Satisfyer pressure wave vibrators, it now arrives with a new design and additional vibration function. In this way, it combines intense contactless stimulation of the clitoris using pressure wave impulses with a sensual vibrating head: while inside the silky silicone ring, a rapid succession of suctions and pressure impulses with 11 intensities cause a similar sensory explosion When it comes to oral sex, the ring massages your entire contour with 10 different exciting vibrations. The functions are controlled independently, so you have 110 different combinations, but be careful: unforgettable orgasms are pre-programmed here, especially thanks to the extra-soft cap, which fits delicately around your love button.


In addition, the second motor offers you 10 exciting vibration programs that you can control using an independent button. The numerous possible combinations will allow you to always find the perfect level to meet your needs.

  • IPX7 waterproof
  • 2 super powerful engines
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Easy to clean
  • Underwater
  • Magnetic USB Charging Cable
  • New edition 2020
  • With IMPROVED AIR PULSE technology
  • New packaging in line with the new brand image
  • HYGIENE GUARANTEE: You will be 100% assured that you are the first person to open your new toy.


The head is made of silky smooth medical silicone. The soft insert fits ergonomically and surrounds the clitoris with great delicacy and precision. You can easily wash your toy with warm water and a little soap. Then just apply some disinfectant Toycleaner for perfect hygiene.