Sensuva G G-spot stimulating cream 50ml

Sensuva G G-spot stimulating cream 50ml

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Sensuva's exciting new all-natural gel. "G How I Adore You" helps women find and enjoy more G-spot orgasms.

Massage directly onto the G-spot to increase blood flow and sensitivity. With more stimulation the G-spot area can become more pronounced and accessible during manual play or penetration, giving women more pleasure and possibly triggering a G-spot orgasm.

G, How I Adore You is made with healthy ingredients and natural arousal supplements such as L-Arginine, MACA, Guarana and Menthol. It is also hydrating and PH balanced to complement a woman's body.


  • 50ml
  • G-spot stimulation
  • Dilates blood vessels and dramatically increases blood flow
  • Includes L-Arginine, menthol, maca and guarana
  • Made with all natural and healthy ingredients
  • Apply 1-2 pumps of cream directly to the G-spot and massage the area
  • Oil-free, glycerin-free and suitable for use with latex